152 Student-Athletes Named to 2011 CWPA Women's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team

152 Student-Athletes Named to 2011 CWPA Women's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- 152 student-athletes have been named to the 2011 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Women's Varsity Scholar-Athlete Team for their athletic and academic performance during the women's water polo season.

Previously named the All-Academic Team, the program honors student-athletes who have achieved grade point averages of 3.2 or higher and competed during the season.

Overall, 29 varsity athletes earned Outstanding (3.71-4.00), 66 garnered Superior (3.41-3.70) and 57 received Excellent (3.20-3.40) honors.

Among varsity teams that submitted information for honors, Connecticut College (3.52) recorded the highest team grade point average, followed by Macalester College (3.47), Wheaton College (3.43), Harvard University (3.34), George Washington University (3.30), Brown University (3.27), Mercyhurst College (3.26), Indiana University (3.22), Washington & Jefferson College (3.20), Utica College (3.17), Princeton University (3.14), University of Michigan (3.12), Grove City College (3.12), University of Maryland (3.10), Pennsylvania State University-Behrend College (3.04), Hartwick College (3.01), Chatham University (2.97) and Carthage College (2.86) as 18 squads posted 2.75 or higher GPAs. 


Outstanding (3.71-4.00)

Sarah Presant Brown University Outstanding
Maliaka Drebin Brown University Outstanding
Hallie Kennan Bucknell University Outstanding
Becca Shopiro Bucknell University Outstanding
Ember McCoy Carthage College Outstanding
Paige Dunlap Chatham University Outstanding
Lora Romano Connecticut College Outstanding
Lillian Polatchek Connecticut College Outstanding
Maia Taft Connecticut College Outstanding
Colleen Harriger Gannon University Outstanding
Kelly Steininger Gannon University Outstanding
Stephanie Komorek Gannon University Outstanding
Monica Hanson George Washington University Outstanding
Erin Delker George Washington University Outstanding
Allison White Grove City College Outstanding
Riley Kessler Harvard University Outstanding
Meghan Lappan Indiana University Outstanding
Kelsey Campbell Indiana University Outstanding
Brianna Besch Macalester College Outstanding
Jessica Clemente Mercyhurst College Outstanding
Christine Becks Mercyhurst College Outstanding
Hope Rozelle Mercyhurst College Outstanding
Rachel Stein University of Maryland Outstanding
Caitlin Brown Washington & Jefferson College Outstanding
Brittany Vogel Washington & Jefferson College Outstanding
McKenzie Graf Washington & Jefferson College Outstanding
Margot Wummer Washington & Jefferson College Outstanding
Christina Hoenow Washington & Jefferson College Outstanding
Emily Bellfi Wheaton College (Ill.) Outstanding

Superior (3.41-3.70)

Rita Bullwinkel Brown University Superior
Kat Stanton Brown University Superior
Kayla Stormont Brown University Superior
Samantha Ryu Brown University Superior
Julianne Valdes Bucknell University Superior
Mackenzie Ferry Bucknell University Superior
Heather Smith Bucknell University Superior
Agnes Wojtas Carthage College Superior
Emily Hunter Connecticut College Superior
Courtney Gardner Connecticut College Superior
Catherine Mullaley Connecticut College Superior
Libbie Guina Gannon University Superior
Katelyn Jacobs Gannon University Superior
Caitlin Andrews Gannon University Superior
Laurel Martinez Gannon University Superior
Jessie Hurd George Washington University Superior
Erin Dickson George Washington University Superior
Allison Littlejohn George Washington University Superior
Lauren Baur Grove City College Superior
Kristi Baur Grove City College Superior
Megan Clampitt Hartwick College Superior
Jessica Dorman Hartwick College Superior
Lily Gall Hartwick College Superior
Martina Shorkey Hartwick College Superior
Haley Cox Hartwick College Superior
Laura Kuzma Hartwick College Superior
Shami Entetnman Harvard University Superior
Elise Molnar Harvard University Superior
Christie DiSilvestro Harvard University Superior
Patricia Smith Harvard University Superior
Kate Dunn Indiana University Superior
Megan Jacobs Indiana University Superior
Nicole Redder Indiana University Superior
Amanda Redfern Indiana University Superior
Lauren Wyckoff Indiana University Superior
Shae Fournier Indiana University Superior
Suzanne Oh Macalester College Superior
Rachel Harrington-Abrams Macalester College Superior
Hannah Strauss-Albee Macalester College Superior
Elizabeth Nelson Macalester College Superior
Allison Grimes Mercyhurst College Superior
Jillian Sebrosky Pennsylvania State University-Behrend Superior
Paula Rusca Pennsylvania State University-Behrend Superior
Grace du Pont Princeton University Superior
Sarah Hutchison Princeton University Superior
Sierra Schelegle Princeton University Superior
Saranna Soroka Princeton University Superior
Shelby Reyes University of Maryland Superior
Maeve O'Connor University of Maryland Superior
Nicole Tobin University of Maryland Superior
Elina Goldenberg University of Maryland Superior
Alison Mantel University of Michigan Superior
Sophie Hoegh University of Michigan Superior
Laura Milstead University of Michigan Superior
Rebecca Morgan Utica College Superior
Amanda Sulicz Utica College Superior
Kristyn Galbraith Utica College Superior
Jaqueline Braca Utica College Superior
Dana Wieber Washington & Jefferson College Superior
Katherine Wieber Washington & Jefferson College Superior
Kathleen Van Schaik Washington & Jefferson College Superior
Amy Nussbaum Wheaton College (Ill.) Superior
Caroline Hannema Wheaton College (Ill.) Superior
Morgan Sorenson Wheaton College (Ill.) Superior
Karalee Angus Wheaton College (Ill.) Superior
Heather Crockett Wheaton College (Ill.) Superior

Excellent (3.20-3.40)

Kate Woods Brown University Excellent
Joanna Wohlmuth Brown University Excellent
Avery Mosser Brown University Excellent
Sarah Shin Brown University Excellent
Shannon Carroll Bucknell University Excellent
Tara Murao Bucknell University Excellent
Haley Prickett Bucknell University Excellent
Meghan McNally Bucknell University Excellent
Amanda Skonezney Bucknell University Excellent
Stephanie Ovalle Bucknell University Excellent
Kati Pedersen Carthage College Excellent
Amanda Kuchan Carthage College Excellent
Sachelle Taylor Chatham University Excellent
Allison Bodine Chatham University Excellent
Natty Burford Chatham University Excellent
Pamela Lovejoy Connecticut College Excellent
Sarah Miller Connecticut College Excellent
Megan Wright Connecticut College Excellent
Charlotte Schou George Washington University Excellent
Rachael Bentley George Washington University Excellent
Katherine Berry George Washington University Excellent
Megan Walker George Washington University Excellent
Laura Londono George Washington University Excellent
Melissa Sesana George Washington University Excellent
Andrea Wilson Grove City College Excellent
Amanda Brush Grove City College Excellent
Brittany LaPalme Grove City College Excellent
Aisha Price Harvard University Excellent
Devan Kennifer Harvard University Excellent
Elizabeth Abbott Harvard University Excellent
Shayna Price Harvard University Excellent
Monica Zdrojewski Harvard University Excellent
Hanna Eimstad Indiana University Excellent
Jackie Kohli Indiana University Excellent
Margo Yaravitz Macalester College Excellent
Chloe Kaulas Macalester College Excellent
Grace Fleming Macalester College Excellent
Nicole Nelson Mercyhurst College Excellent
Laura Perez Mercyhurst College Excellent
Cayley Bowles Princeton University Excellent
Cari Levine Princeton University Excellent
Molly McBee Princeton University Excellent
Katlin Poladian Princeton University Excellent
Tanya Wilcox Princeton University Excellent
Christine Goetsch University of Maryland Excellent
Allison Campbell University of Maryland Excellent
Carly Hoshko University of Maryland Excellent
Meghan Powers University of Maryland Excellent
Cara Reitz University of Michigan Excellent
Meagan Cobb University of Michigan Excellent
Sarah Gross Utica College Excellent
Lisa Torii Utica College Excellent
Sarah Cull Washington & Jefferson College Excellent
Cassy Misiewicz Washington & Jefferson College Excellent
Catherine Villa Washington & Jefferson College Excellent
Elsemarie DeVries Wheaton College (Ill.) Excellent
Linley Sullivan Wheaton College (Ill.) Excellent
Varsity Team GPA

Connecticut College 3.52
Macalester College 3.47
Wheaton College (Ill.) 3.43
Harvard University 3.34
George Washington University 3.30
Brown University 3.27
Mercyhurst College 3.26
Indiana University 3.22
Washington & Jefferson College 3.20
Utica College 3.17
Princeton University 3.14
University of Michigan 3.12
Grove City College 3.12
University of Maryland 3.10
Penn. State University-Behrend
Hartwick College 3.01
Chatham University 2.97
Carthage College 2.86

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