Desk Officials Training Test

Description of the Game

1.  How many players are in the pool at the same time for one team?

2.  How are ordinary or technical fouls rewarded?

3.  At what times will a player, who committed a major foul, not be ejected?

4.  What occurs when a defensive player commits a penalty within five meters of the goal?

5.  What does the referee do every time a foul is committed?

6.  When can a player re-enter the game after an ejection?

7. How many major fouls can a player commit during one game?

8. How many ordinary fouls can a player commit during one game?


Desk Functions 

1. How should desk officials be dressed?


Shot Clock

1.  How many seconds does a team have to take a shot in a collegiate game?

2.  What is the key to working the shot clock?

3.  What is "Dead Time"?

4.  What are two ways a player can take a "free throw"?

5.  Name the circumstances under which the shot clock will be reset.


Game Time/Ejection Time

1.  How many quarters are there in each game and how long are they?

2.  What are the three jobs of the game timer?

3.  What are the three types of fouls?

4.  Where must the player re-enter the game from?  Where are these areas located?

5.  When and how does the game timer let the player know he should re-enter? 

6.  When is it the referee's responsibility to let the player back in the game?

7.  When should the game timer wave the red flag?

8.  When should the table tell the referee of a third foul committed by an offensive player?

9.  What should the table do if an ejected player with three fouls re-enters the game?

10. What will happen if a player re-enters under a red flag?

11. When should you let the referee know about a third major foul when the third foul results in a penalty shot? (before or after shot)



1.  What is the scorer's job?

2.  What must the scorer record during a game?

3.  Why is the statistical portion extremely important?

4.  What statistics should the scorebook be able to produce?

5.  What is the first step in scoring?

6.  What incidental information should be recorded?

7.  Which portion of the score sheet has priority in a discrepancy? (Statistical Summary - top or Game Progress - bottom)

8.  What do the following codes signify?







9. How should you fill in the ejections column?

10. How should goals be marked? 

11. When should you fill in the triangle?

12. When should summary totals be completed?



1.  When should a goalie save be recorded?

2.  When should a shot be recorded and in what column?

3.  Do total shots include scores?

4.  When does a steal occur and how should it be recorded?

5.  When does a kickout drawn occur and how is it recorded?

6.  How should sprints be recorded?

7.  What is an assist and how is it recorded?

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